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A grass roots volunteer group that is making a difference

Direct donations to immediately support  Israeli Army Troops & Reservists 

In this heart-wrenching time, we’re witnessing stories of solidarity and inner strength that inspire us all. Our grassroots organization is making a difference by supplying the little things needed by our soldiers and evacuated families.

We live between both front lines and are nimble and quick. We vet each request with our team of retired IDF officers. We receive requests from warm vests to shoes to mattresses via our social media network. Each request gets sourced and fulfilled the day it is received, by our army of volunteers.

The recipients are regular folks like us. They find themselves in unimaginably tough times, we are there to help. Your generous support helps contribute to sustaining our grassroot efforts….

Tactical Gear for Reservist’s G’mach

The war with Hamas is the longest war in Israel’s history. Immediately following October 7th, a small group of volunteers established an organization to provide important, non-tactical items to reservists called into action. Items that were necessary and helped their comfort and success. With the support of several donors like you, we were able to reach more than $220,000.

Our contacts in the army approve every item provided to the troops. We’re aware that the significant volume of reservists put a never imagined strain on resources. Life saving tactical gear such as ceramic vests, tactical helmets and more.

In response, we’ve established a Reservists G’Mach; a G’Mach, an acronym from the Hebrew Gimilut Chasadim, Acts of Loving Kindness is an organized center lending out resources as needed by a community. While the IDF has sufficient resources to equip active soldiers, the reservists have been left with older, less effective gear. That’s where the G’Mach comes in to fill a void.

As reservists enter their service, these important tactical items will be borrowed for use and returned upon release, like a lifesaving library of sorts.

We have identified specific items through our discussions with unit leaders and reservists who have made requests.

At this time we are asking for your financial support to facilitate the purchase of these items. Items such as tactical helmets, ceramic vests, sleeping bags, Leathermans, tents and more.

It is our goal to raise $250,000 in the next few weeks as the need is urgent.

We pray our hostages return home and the war in Gaza can end soon. We are expecting an escalation in the north and are positioning to be prepared.

Non Tactical Gear

Requests come in daily for so many needed items.  Head Lamps, phone battery Packs, warm vests, rain gear, mattresses, shoes and more.  The old army boots  used during the soldier’s regular service are just that, and the amount of blisters and suffering feet needs care.

That is what It Takes a Village is here for.  A grassroots volunteer group. 

Join our village and make a difference with your donation.

TroopAid Kits

Candy and cakes are out.  TroopAid Kits are in.

Designed for army reservists on the front line, TroopAid Kits include  the little things that can really help.

Items in the kits have been carefully selected by a group of IDF officers who know what is needed and what can make a difference.

Inspired by an IDF  medic, TroopAid Kits include items from nail clippers, to blister bandages to zip tie to powders to help with dehydration.  All of the little things needed that are packed by volunteers into a compact kit.

The cost of a kit is $40.  The smile that lights up on the faces of our army reservist sons and daughters is worth every penny.

Candy and cakes are out.  TroopAid Kits are in.

Our goal is to reach out to as many front-line Army reservists, our Citizen Army, as possible and your donation is both needed and appreciated.

Fire-Resistant Suits for Tank Crews

October 7th, 2023 was the most tragic day in Israel’s history. Since Hamas attacked Israel, Israeli forces have been working tireless to protect Israel. 350,000 + reservists were called up to help defend our country. They are our parents, friends, partners, colleagues, brothers, sisters, children. One of these teams is a reservist tank unit comprised of 54 soldiers stationed in the north.

These reservists are currently wearing uniforms that are not fully flame resistant. To improve the safety of the soldiers, the team needs military grade fire resistant uniforms. These uniforms help prevent burns that may cause life altering disabilities.

We are calling on our family and friends to help us protect our soldiers, who are protecting the people of Israel. Raising $11,000 will ensure that we can purchase the fire-resistant suits.

We thank you for your participation in our efforts to support and protect our homeland.

Please consider a donation today:

It takes a Village has partnered with “American Friends of Orr Shalom” to provide a tax-deductible receipt.   American Friends of Orr Shalom is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.

For an Israeli tax receipt, please go to the Hebrew website.

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